We Help Nonprofits Have More Impact, Grow Faster, And Make The Work of Those Who Run Them Easier, Less Stressful, And More Fun.

More Precisely

Make a change

Old Hands Fundraisers

We have over thirty years' experience in fundraising and social impact.
That's how much we've seen and heard.

Impact Centric

All that matters to us is that you can create impact on society and we strive to help you deploy at scale

Impact Centric

We give you the tools to carry out your project and make it sustainable in an autonomous way. Without anyone's help. Even without ours.​

Our Objective

To give you the means:
– To become financially viable and independent,
– To stop spending your time chasing aging, inconsistent donors,
– To stop wasting your money on software that won’t do you any good,
– To restore your self-confidence and your incredible inner potential,
– To help you create a positive and lasting impact so that you can deploy it on a large scale.

people working

We do what we do because we believe that there is no greater vehicle to drive impact and make a change in the world than through business.

What Organizations Say

"New Impact Ventures helped us rewrite our story by making it more powerful and supporting it with a design that resonates with us."
"This course has helped us to better articulate our narrative and has introduced us to fundraising techniques that we never imagined existed."
New Impact Studio
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