Promoting This Course Among Your Grantees Could Be The Best Service You Can Offer Them.

Fundraising is increasingly costly for non-profits.

And you can be sure it's only going to get worse.

Because to be heard in this din, and to gain attention, you need to speak louder and louder, to stand out from the crowd, to convince.

So much so, in fact, that in many organizations this has become an activity in its own right.

We believe that this should not be the case.

The mission of a nonprofit is not to raise money but to create impact.

Just as your role as a foundation is not to give money and forget about it.

But to make sure it's put to good use.
That your donation will have the desired impact.

Because you are accountable for the proper allocation of the money in your care.

That's why we think taking a course like this can only help.

By following its teachings, your grantees will become more financially independent,
- They'll focus more on their mission, and less on fundraising,
- The money you entrust to them will be better allocated,
- They'll be more efficient,

not to mention their staff.
- They'll be less stressed,
- Happier at work,
and, above all, more motivated to do what they do.

As for you, you'll have a clear conscience.
Your portfolio of grantees will be of better quality,
Your stakeholders reassured.

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Why Promoting This Course?
Three Good Reasons


Your grantees become financially sustainable, spending less time on fundraising and more on pursuing their mission.


By giving them the keys to large-scale growth, your grantees unleash their potential and create more impact.


By encouraging them to adopt good governance and management practices, you increase the quality of your grantee portfolio.

Give Your Grantees The Means To:

Build their activity on solid foundations.

Better focus on their mission.

Diversify their resources.

Make their image a catalyst for change.

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